“I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone what a great time a friend and I had on our recent whitetail hunt with Pelican Lake Outfitters. I have been on several paid hunts in Kansas and Kentucky and this hunt with Pelican was by far the most enjoyable hunt I have ever been on. Besides seeing quality deer all day, everyday; the service was great. Our guide Alfred and his wife Sarah made this stay a wonderful experience. The food was amazing and the fellowship second to none. Alfred and the other guides put in tireless work to try and provide every hunter in camp a chance to harvest a trophy animal. I will definitely be going back to Pelican Lake Outfitters to enjoy the great hunting and also to build on the friendships that were made there.”

— Terry Tallent, Centre, Alabama.

“To all avid whitetail hunters:

My experience at Pelican Lake Outfitters was unbelievable! I had never been on any type of guided hunt before, so I was a bit skeptical. I had not been anywhere else were your able to sit from sun up to sun down & you're watching deer all day long.

The guides at Pelican Lake were awesome from going through trail cam pics the night before your hunt so they could get a feel on what type of deer you were looking for, to keeping in touch with you throughout the day on your progress. The food, the scenery & the deer hunt were all top notch!

I was able to put down a 150”+ 4x4 on my first day out! At Pelican I was able to purchase another tag and got an even bigger one by the end of the week!

So, if you're looking for a high-quality guided whitetail hunt, I recommend Pelican Lake Outfitters. You won't be disappointed!

Until next time!”

- Chris B, Minnesota

Trail Cam Photos

From the end of February 2022. Click for larger images.

Snow and Trails

From early 2022. Lots of snow this year at Pelican Lake Outfitters. We're out doing what we can to ensure the deer have a good survival rate. Making trails, and supplementing their diet with protein and minerals. Click for larger images.