Natural Resources

At Pelican Lake Outfitters our goal is showcase our natural resources. Our land base includes 38,000 acres of land transitioning from Agriculture land, Forest Fringe Land, and Northern Boreal Forest. This variety of land offers different hunting zones, along with different species. Lakes on the 38,000 acres include Edward Lake, Chitek Lake, Lac EuClaire, Miko Lake, and Twin Lakes.

Many of our hunting locations are situated off nice ATV trails for leisure travel to stands, and some back country locations for the adventurists. We have historical sites situated on our lands, including the Sun Dance grounds and the Carlton Trail trading route.

Species which we can hunt at Pelican Lake Outfitters include Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose, Bear, and predators such as Coyotes, Lynx, Cougar, and Wolves.

Many of our meals include local berries, meats, wild rice, Bannock and other traditional dishes from the reserve served in a modern fashion.

Combining aspects of our lands, our heritage, and our culture into the hunting experience, Pelican Lake Outfitters offers a unique experience for our clients.

West Hunting Area

With approximately 40,000 acres of land to hunt, we average over 400 acres per hunting stand. Follow one of these trails out west to find the next trophy for your wall. He's hiding out there! Click for larger images.

While hunting at Pelican Lake Outfitters you may come across Heritage Sites like the Sun Dance Grounds which are out west.

Locations like these have cultural significance to First Nation communities across the prairies. Ask our guides and lodge staff more about these ceremony sites, they would be honored to tell you more!

Learn about the Sun Dance

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