Pelican Lake Lodge

Guests of Pelican Lake Outfitters are housed at Pelican Lake Lodge, which sits overlooking the beautiful waters of Chitek Lake. The lodge was completely renovated in 2021 and is ready for the 2022 hunting season. Pelican Lake Lodge sleeps 16 and boasts a large entertainment area for relaxing after the hunt. You'll enjoy large home cooked meals in our large spacious kitchen.

The Stands

Pelican Lake Outfitters provides two designated hunting stands for every hunter booked with us. This provides the best opportunities for our hunters to see a high quantity and variety of animals. We are working hard to update many of our stands, and we added 24 new stands to various hunt locations in the Fall of 2021. Hunting stands are equipped with heater and propane to provide additional comfort.

The Experience

Pelican Lake Outfitters offers a unique First Nations lodging experience with opportunities learn about our history, traditions, and customs. You will be able to eat traditional gathered foods such as wild blueberries, cranberries, mushrooms, wild rice, fish, wild meat, and more. In the mornings you can enjoy local teas such as wild mint, and muskeg teas. Our hunters will learn local knowledge of Pelican Lake and many hunting, fishing, and gathering techniques.

The Location

Pelican Lake Outfitters is situated on the forest fringe in northern Saskatchewan. We offer hunts in locations which include Saskatchewan Agriculture Land, Forest Fringe Land, as well as Forest Land. Each of these regions offer a variety of wildlife with the different vegetation, and an opportunity to learn about the different vegetation in each area through our experienced hunting guides. With 40,000 acres of region to hunt, Pelican Lake Outfitters offers approximately 100 hunting stand locations to ensure that each of our hunters has a unique hunt, and trophy opportunity. Hunters are going to see lots of animals, and have a better selection of “trophy” quality deer.

Book Your Hunt

Pelican Lake Outfitters offers a wide range of hunting opportunities, including combination hunts which allow you to hunt multiple species of big game, or combine your hunt with fishing. We work with local waterfowl outfitters so you can add that to your hunt as well.

We offer several seasons of big game hunting:

  • July/August: “Velvet” Whitetail Deer & Mule Deer hunts
  • September: Archery/Muzzle loading Whitetail hunts & Bear hunts
  • October: Moose, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk & Bear hunts
  • November: Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer & Elk hunts
  • December: Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer & Elk hunts

2022 Pricing (includes licence)

  • Whitetail Dear $5,250 (USD)
  • Elk $6,000 (USD)
  • Moose $7,000 (USD)
  • Mule Deer $5,750 (USD)

Our pricing includes lodging, meals and drinks (sodas and bottled water), pickup and drop off at the Saskatoon airport, and trophy preparation. The hunts are typically 5 or 6 days and we require $2,500 USD as a deposit. The balance owing will be paid two months before the hunt if paying by check. If paying by cash or credit card you can pay the final balance at the lodge on site. All credit card payments are subject to a 3.5 percent charge.

What is not included: Your flight to Saskatoon, hotels in Saskatoon as needed before and after the hunt, and a recommended gratuity (0% to 20%) for your guides and cook depending on how much you enjoyed the service.

Soak in the views

Your view of Chitek Lake from the deck of the Pelican Lake Outfitting Lodge

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View of a lake past some trees.